A recent vacation at a Pahrump mobile home park

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

While looking for stuff to do in Las Vegas I noticed a Winery in a local little town called Pahrump. It was a short drive, but we had friends staying at a Pahrump mobile home park that accommodated us while we visited. The winery had a vineyard right in the middle of the desert, which is quite a site to see. The tasting was exceptionally surprising and pleasant. They have the hallmark of being the oldest commercial vineyard in Nevada, and they know how to make a good wine. We bought 4 bottles after the free wine tasting got us hooked.

pahrump mobile home park

Later we had some excellent food at a local Pahrump restaurant name Oh Jah. They have a bento box lunch that can’t be beat for filling you up and sparing your wallet.

On the drive home we passed by a few other rv parks and mobile home parks, and they where all in good condition. We will probably be taking our rv down from northern Nevada for a little snowbirding and relaxing at our friends mobile home park in Pahrump. If you want to come be our neighbors see if they have room for you too.